How to Choose the Best Betting Website Builder

Hiring a developer to create your betting website from scratch is a good idea. But using a betting website builder is easier, cheaper, and just as effective. With the right builder, you can launch your fully equipped online casino within a couple of hours. There are many betting website builders out there. But if this is your first attempt, we suggest you read this guide to the end. Discover how website builders work. Find out if they’re worth it and how to choose the right iGaming website builder for you.

What is a Betting Website Builder?

A betting website builder allows you to create an online casino or sportsbook without using code. It’s an excellent option for people who want to start an online gambling business without investing too much money and time in building their website. There are two types of website builders: Offline Website Builders: they work offline. You download software on your computer and use it to create your betting website. After that, you upload your website files to a web hosting provider. Online website Builders: they provide web hosting. All you need is to drag and drop features to a betting website template. When you’re done, your website goes live.

Should You use a Betting Website Builder?

An online casino is a huge investment. And it can’t function without a professionally-designed, mobile-responsive, and user-friendly website. You can get a great website by hiring an experienced programmer. So, why take a risk on an iGaming website builder?

Quick Website Building Process

Website builders are incredibly popular with freelancers and small business owners. The reason is straightforward. Creating a website with a website builder is tremendously fast. You pick a template. Next, you customize it by adding pages like About Us, Deposits & Withdrawals, Slots, and Customer Service. You also need to choose a theme that will help shape your brand, language options, and contacts. Nonetheless, the process of launching a casino or sportsbook using an iGaming website builder takes less than a day. This makes it an excellent option for someone who wants to get their business up and running quickly.

Web Design Knowledge Not Required

A casino website builder is perfect for programming novices. Knowing how to design a website is not required here. In fact, you can launch your casino website without even dealing with web hosting and domain names. Some web builders do all the hard work for you. They get you a domain name, take care of hosting, and can even help you customize your website. All that is left is to market your website to create a loyal customer base.

 Drag and Drop Features

Website builders are designed for ease of use. You drag images, themes, and colors from a list and drop them into your template. By the time you’re done, you have a fully-fledged online casino or sportsbook. Crucially, the best online casino website builder does not abandon you after you launch your website. You get a bundle of website management tools like an email address, a content editor, social media integration, and a platform to check your website’s stats.


Hiring a seasoned casino website developer costs a lot of money. By comparison, you can launch a website using a builder for less than $100. WordPress—the world’s most popular website builder—is actually free of charge. Intriguingly, 43% of all websites in the world built their websites using WordPress. That includes some famous brands like CNN, Sony Music, The Rolling Stones, and Vogue. That said, WordPress isn’t perfect. That’s why some people prefer to use paid website builders like Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, and

How to Choose a Betting Website Builder

The website building space is highly competitive. To find the right online casino website builder for you, look for these features:

Ease of Use

Choose a website builder with easy-to-use drag-and-drop features. Compare several builders and test their web-building tools. If you have problems finding a great casino template, theme, or colors, find a better builder. Consider picking an iGaming website builder over a general website builder. Generic website builders have templates that work great for freelancers and eCommerce sites but not for online casinos or sportsbooks.

Pricing Plans

Some website builders have impressive reviews. But everyone is always complaining about the prices. Choose a builder that aligns with your budget. Pick a free builder like WordPress if you’re on a low budget. But keep in mind that WordPress requires that you look for a domain name and web hosting independently. Domain names average $10 per year while web hosting costs between $20 and $100 per year. On the other end, premium white label website builders like Wix and have plans that cost between $20 and $50 per month. This translates to more than $200 per year. However, keep in mind these platforms offer free domain names, web hosting, and website management tools.

Website Features and Tools

Pick a platform with amazing casino templates, themes, images, and website management tools. This way, you can build your dream online casino even with no web design skills. Find out the most important tools you need to run a betting website. Tools like Google Analytics, CRM, and SEO are basic. But if you can also find social media and marketing integration tools, take advantage of the features.

Data Ownership and Migration

If this is your first rodeo, chances are you’re not thinking about data migration. But a year down the line, you might want to move your website to a different platform. Choose a casino website platform that lets you own your data fully. It should also help you with the migration process. That means you ought to read a platform’s data privacy, general terms, and website migration rules fully. You can also discover more about a builder’s migration process by reading online reviews.

Customer Service

Since managing a website is a lot of work, you want a website builder that can come to your rescue when you need help. Your website might go down. You want a platform that can get it back online instantly. You might experience issues adding a certain tool to your website. Great customer service can help you add it.

How to Create Your Own Sports Betting Website

By now, you know how website builders work. You also understand some of the features you should check in a platform. Against that backdrop, learn how to create your own sports betting using a betting website builder. To be clear, our guide also works if you want to know to create an online casino website using an iGaming website builder. Let’s get started:

Pick a Betting Website Builder

First things first. Choose the right betting website for you. Select a platform after checking its features, pricing plans, customer service, and website management tools. There are lots of generic website builders out there. But start by checking iGaming website builders. If you can’t find a great platform, consider launching your website with WordPress.

Select a Plan That Suits Your Needs

Most website builders have several pricing plans. There’s the basic plan. It’s cheap but barely helpful to casino owners. There’s a premium plan and a VIP plan. Select a plan you can afford. But it should also meet your needs. Look at the storage space you get, the website management tools, and the features you can use by selecting different plans. Ensure you get great value for your money.

Choose a Unique Betting Domain Name

Although some website builders give you a free domain name, you still have to pick the name. Pick a unique, easy-to-remember, and brandable domain name. Try saying it out loud. Is it relevant to sports betting? Is it unique? Domain name registration companies won’t exist a domain name that’s already in use.

Pick and Customize your Template

If you selected a betting website builder, you will have access to dozens of sports betting themes. Select a beautiful theme. Customize it by adding important pages, and switching fonts, colors, images, and menus. Ask for help from your white-label platform if you need it. Remember this will be your business. And you want it to be user-friendly and feature-rich.

Add Content to Your Website

After you’ve customized your website template, upload content. We’re talking about the sports, leagues, and events you’ll be offering to bettors. Add your odds software, bonus promotions, banking information, and your blog. Work with a team of professionals to ensure your website has all the pages and content needed to get it running. For example, you want software that provides updated odds for each game.

Preview Your Website

Before you publish your website, preview its content. Go through your website with someone else. Make sure you like the template. It should also feature important pages while content needs to be correct and grammatically correct. As mentioned, you need a second opinion. So, ask your teammates to preview your website. Ask them to evaluate navigation, theme, images, colors, content, website speed, mobile performance, and other features.

Publish Your Website

Once you’re satisfied with how your website looks, publish it. Needless to say, spread the word about it. Let your friends, colleagues, and fans know about the site. You need customers to make money from your betting site, after all.

Do You Need a Betting Website Builder?

A betting website builder is ideal for people who want to launch a website fast without having to hire a programmer. But is it ideal for you? Shop around for popular casino website builders. Check if you like their features. Look at betting sites already created using a specific builder. If you like what you see, consider using the builder to create your own betting website.