Outsourcing Link Building: Everything You Need to Know

Link building is an essential part of SEO. It is one of the requirements for building a website’s authority and increasing its traffic. The problem: Link building is a full-time job. That’s right. Sourcing high-quality, authentic links for a website takes a lot of time. It also requires the right skills—skills you can only get from an expert. So, should you outsource link building? Can you increase web traffic by outsourcing link building? Yes, and yes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Link Building

Paying for a link-building service is an excellent idea. To begin with, it comes with these benefits:

Link Building Outsourcing Means Faster Results

The secret to successful link building lies in creating relationships with website owners. Although you can network with other business owners on your own, it may take a lot of time. Hiring a link building service agency can help you get results faster because the agency already has working relationships with hundreds of website owners in your niche. They have tons of contacts they can use to place links for your website. In other words, paying for link building saves you a lot of time. More importantly, it helps you get links from the websites that matter in your niche. Another advantage is that outsourcing can help you grow your website authority faster than you can on your own.

Link Building Experts are Skilled and Experienced

Link building is hard because it is difficult to know exactly what works as a beginner. You may have heard you can get backlinks by asking for them. Yet, no one will link to your website unless you have a great working relationship. You may try to build links through guest posting. But you probably don’t know how to pitch websites. Worse, you don’t the best websites to pitch for guest posting. Paying for an off-page link building service helps you avoid making mistakes and benefit from the skills of an experienced link builder. A good agency will usually have a team of people who understand the ins and outs of SEO.They know whether to use guest posting or broken link building for your website. They may have an expert who specializes in networking with journalists. And they may have a person who creates data-driven content to help websites attract quality links naturally. Normally, Google and other search engines reward websites optimized the right way. And who’s better at optimizing your website than someone who does it as a full-time job?

Outsource Link Building Services May be Cheaper

When you think about it, link building isn’t exactly cheap. For starters, you need a content creation team. Then you need a strategy to reach out to websites to ask for links. Let’s say you decide to pitch 10 websites. You get five responses to provide content. Each article needs to be 2000+ words. If you pay $200 for each article, it will cost you $1000 for the content alone. Then the outreach process could take up to a month. Some of your content could be rejected. And this will usually amount to more money spent. Outsourcing link building means paying for results. You agree to pay a specific amount in exchange for a certain number of links. And if you work with the right agency, you can be certain you will get quality links.

How to Outsource Link Building in 5 Steps

Because link building outsource services can help you take your website to the next level, it’s essential that you do it right. Learn the best way to outsource link building in 5 simple steps:

Step One: Ensure your website is Ready for a Link Building Service

Link building is just one part of the SEO process. When you create a website, you first need to create on-page SEO content. Then you need to handle technical SEO by optimizing your website for mobile, increasing speed, and fixing tags.

You should outsource SEO link building only after considering a few scenarios:

Your Content is Not Ranking

The first scenario to consider is whether your website content is ranking or not. Maybe it’s a newly published informative guide. Perhaps it’s an article you published a month ago.If your website content is not ranking, you need to hire a link building outsource company.

Your Content is Not Ranking High Enough

In this scenario, your website is ranking for a few keywords. But it’s ranking on the second or third page of Google. With 75% of Internet users sticking to Google’s first page, you need link building to rank higher.

Your competitors have More Links

If your competitors’ websites rank higher than your website because they have more backlinks, you ought to increase your backlink profile. Let’s say your biggest competitor ranks first for the keyword “Best eSports betting website.” After doing a competitor analysis, you may realize your competitor has 50 more backlinks pointing to a blog post optimized for the keyword mentioned above. Naturally, this should motivate you to get more backlinks.

Step Two: Learn the Fundamentals of Link Building

You can’t choose a good link building expert if you don’t know how backlink generation works. What’s more, you may get poor results if you can’t tell the difference between white hat and black hat SEO. In light of that information, learn the basics of link building. For example, understand what defines a quality backlink: website authority, relevance, anchor text, and placement. Learning the fundamentals of link building will help you budget for a top-notch SEO agency as opposed to buying cheap links.

Step Three: Find the Right Agency

Now that you know how link building works, the next step is to find a competent off-page link building service provider. Outsource backlink generation to a company that specializes in your niche. This way, you will work with a team that has helped other websites in your niche to grow. That said, outsource SEO link building to an agency that agrees to help you get the results you want. If you want to improve your website’s Domain Authority by 20 points, find an agency that can help you achieve this goal. Importantly, consider your budget. Different SEO companies have different pricing plans. Some of them are cheap and do shoddy work. Others are expensive but may not get you great results. Budget appropriately so that you find a qualified link building outsource company at the right amount.

Step Four: Choose the Right Plan

After you find a good white hat link building agency, choose a plan that suits you best. Normally, link building companies charge per link, per project, or through a long-term contract. You may opt to pay for a specific number of links if your goal is to have more backlinks than your competitors. You could also choose to pay for a monthly plan if you want the agency to take over your backlink generation needs.

Outsource Link Building: 3 Things to Avoid

Unless you’re an expert in link building, it is easy to make mistakes while outsourcing the process. Avoid these common errors to ensure you get quality services:

Choosing the Cheapest Provider

The most common mistake people make is choosing cheap link building services. Cheap services usually mean low-quality links or black hat services. Either way, you’ll never grow your website. Good link building work takes time and expertise: Neither of them is cheap. Before you buy 200 links for $5 on a gig site, therefore, think if you want to risk a Google penalty and your reputation for cheap services.

Falling for Quantity over Quality

Many SEO experts say that you need a lot of backlinks to grow a website. As a result, you can get tempted to pay for a lot of links even if they don’t come from authoritative websites. This is a big mistake. Google cares about quality more than quantity. It also requires that you build links from websites in your niche. Other requirements are that the links should be placed within articles and not in the footer or comment sections. In other words, the best way to outsource link building is to work with a company that will prioritize quality over quantity of backlinks.

Overlooking Red Flags

Whether you want to outsource link building for an SEO agency or your website, look out for red flags. If an agency promises you fast turnarounds, makes too many promises, or provides poor communication, don’t use their services. Failure to act on red flags can mean working with the wrong agency. In turn, you can lose money or receive poor-quality backlinks for your website.

Over to You: Try Our Link Building Services Today!

Whether you want to build website authority or outrank your competitors, you can benefit by outsourcing link building. You need an experienced and reputable link building agency to grow your website, though. But worry not. At Bet Exposure, we have a team of link building experts that use white hat means to get results. Our outreach strategies are legal, Google-friendly, and proven to provide results!