SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?

We are always searching for things to buy on the internet, most of the time with the intent of buying. This means that those searching for your business may have this commercial intent and it is therefore vital that you make it easy for them to find your products. This is where SEO comes in. What is seo? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process where you optimize your webpage content to make it easily discoverable by those looking for something relevant to your website. This is achieved by making your web page easily accessible for search engine indexing software allowing them to scan and index it. This ultimately increases traffic to your site thereby increasing your sales and leads.

What should you know about SEO?

To understand fully understand the seo meaning, you should know what keywords, on page optimization and off page optimization are. Keywords are the words most likely to be used by people when describing or searching for your product. Understanding how your prospects describe you and your competition will help you know what keywords to use for your own website. On page optimization is also a vital part of SEO. It entails optimizing the HTML source code and content on your individual web pages in order to rank higher and get more relevant traffic to your site from search engines. Off page optimization on the other hand entails the activities done away from the website to help boost ranking and increase traffic from search engines.

Guide to SEO

Before getting started with SEO optimization, it is vital that you understand some of the steps involved with this process. They include:

  1. Understanding what people are searching for. This will involve coming up with keywords, the terms people would use to search for your product. These words are determined based on search volume, relevance and competition. For already established websites, it is advisable to refer to the already existing keywords driving traffic to your site.
  2. You will need to create relevant and intriguing content that the searchers want to see. This is also referred to as analyzing search intent.
  3. Giving your webpages a compelling title to help you get clicks.
  4. Make sure the sites URL’s are short but descriptive.
  5. Optimizing the images on your website and keep image sizes low to make the site more efficient.
  6. Ensure your content is easy to read and relate to/
  7. Make sure your website has relevant and high quality backlinks with other websites.

What should you know about SEO?

To optimize your website for SEO you will need to:

  • Analyse all the data on your website and take note of patterns such as how users are finding your site.
  • Conduct a thorough keyword research and write in depth articles to provide as much information on website topics
  • Produce long content with rich value to ensure people spend more time on your page and make it rank higher
  • Optimize your website for on page SEO so that search engines can understand what your website entails
  • Optimize for off page SEO through brand mentions, influencer activity, social media activity and guest blogging.
  • Optimize the web pages for use on mobile devices
  • Speed up the pages to avoid losing traffic due to long loading times
  • Get quality back links from respected publishers, bloggers and influencers.

Some of the reasons why you should optimize your website include:

  • Ensuring a good correlation between your website and search engine will help you make your website more specific to your target audience.
  • SEO optimization is a budget friendly way of growing the organic traffic to your website.
  • SEO ensures that the website is developed for the ultimate user experience especially with returning users. This means you get to capitalize on the existing traffic by knowing what is most appealing to them and offering it.
  • It pushes you to work harder on your website and make it have a higher conversion rate which inadvertently boosts your sales

How do you start with SEO

To get started with SEO you will need to:

  • Learn what your customers are searching for and use it to tailor your keywords list
  • Create web pages that are well optimized for search engines such as Google
  • Ensure that your website is easily accessible to both consumers and search engines
  • Create quality backlinks with other established websites
  • Keep track of your SEO progress  by measuring organic traffic and tracking your rankings


SEO services are vital for digital marketing given people are always searching for things online with commercial intent. This usually serves as one of the key avenues for driving digital traffic to your website. The visibility and ranking gained from this seo marketing can have a positive impact on your sales and help you outdo your competition.