What is eSports SEO Marketing?

What’s your favorite place to discover eSports trends? How do you keep up with video game tournaments? How do you decide which new games to play? If Google is your answer, you’re not alone. The search engine attracts more than 7 billion searches per day, dominating 90% of all search engine traffic. With so many people relying on Google for answers, more and more marketers are turning to SEO for marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is a practice done to help a website get more visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Increased visibility attracts more visitors to a website, which translates to more customers and revenues.

Search engine optimization works for all industries. It works for all types of content and not just blog posts. In the eSports space, SEO is increasingly gaining traction because of these stats:

  • 93% of eSports experiences start with an online search
  • Google holds a 90% market share of organic traffic
  • 61% of marketing executives say SEO generates more leads than advertising
  • 75% of Internet users focus on Google’s first-page results
  • The first website on Google’s first page takes up 33% of all traffic
  • 86% of people avoid paid ads

What is eSports SEO Marketing?

Esports SEO marketing is a type of marketing designed to help gaming websites increase visibility on search engines like Google. In doing so, they can attract organic, non-paid traffic, leading to more customers and sales.The average eSports fan goes through a short process before they can buy or sell anything related to gaming. Let’s say a CSGO player wants to know how he can sell his CS: GO skins.He may query Google to find out if he can sell his video game skins. Next, he will learn how the process works—the benefits and risks. Once he understands the process, he can find the best places to exchange his CS: GO skins for cash. Now, if you own a gaming marketplace, it’s in your best interest to optimize your website for eSports marketing SEO. This way, you can answer gamers’ questions about skins, take them through the process and position your brand as the best place to sell video game skins.

Benefits of eSports SEO Marketing

When done properly, eSports SEO can produce the following benefits to an eSports business:

Better Visibility

SEO eSports can help a gaming website rank higher on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Ideally, every website wants to rank on Google’s first page. That’s where all the magic happens. By magic, we mean 75% of online users only visit websites on the first page. And if your website appears as the first result, it can attract a third of all traffic.

Increased Organic Traffic

Better ranking enhances brand awareness. It also increases the number of people who visit your website. Truth be told, the traffic you generate through eSports marketing SEO depends on the keywords you optimize your website for.If you optimize your website to rank for a high search volume keyword, you will get more traffic than a website optimized for low search volume key phrases.

Trust Building

Research shows online users trust websites ranked higher on Google compared to those tucked in the second or subsequent pages. A high rank shows Google trusts your business. And if Google trusts your website, your customers will follow suit.

Better Sales

Not only does SEO eSports attract more traffic, but it can also help an eSports business grow its sales. That’s because people trust content marketing better than paid advertising. Also, the increased number of website visitors improves the chances of closing deals.

How does eSports SEO Marketing Work?

Generally speaking, eSports is categorized into two parts:

On-page SEO:

Improving a website’s content and optimizing keywords, images, tags, structure, and internal links. In other words, it involves optimizing a website and everything in it.

Off–page SEO:

Building authority for your website through backlinks, brand mentions, and general outreach. Precisely, it’s all about marketing efforts done outside of the website.

For your website to rank on Google, it needs to be indexed properly. This is part of technical SEO. Once your website gets indexed on Google, it becomes one of the billions of web pages Google checks to produce results for its users. Google uses an algorithm to determine how to rank websites. Your website needs to answer “search intent,” be relevant and authoritative to top the search engine’s results pages. With Google checking 200+ factors before ranking websites, optimizing an eSports website for SEO isn’t exactly easy. Many businesses choose to work with an eSports SEO agency to get better results. Of course, you can also handle your website’s SEO. But it will take time and a lot of learning.

Esports SEO Marketing Strategies

To succeed in marketing your business for organic traffic, you may need to do the following:

Keyword Research

Keyword research helps you optimize a website for the words your customers use when making online queries. For example, a website that reviews video games can use keywords like “Video game reviews,” “Elden Ring review” or “FIFA 23 review.” Although you want to target keywords with a high search volume, aim for keywords you can rank for. This might mean you aim for long-tail keywords because they are easier to rank for. Use keyword research tools to discover the best keywords for your eSports niche. Also, analyze other websites in the niche to find out the key phrases they rank for.

Content Creation

Some marketing consultants talk about content marketing when describing eSports marketing SEO. That’s because search engine optimization has a lot to do with content creation. Once you conduct keyword research, you need to publish content that targets your ideal keywords. Publish well-researched, original, and relevant content on your website. Great content is informative and detailed. It also answers the questions your website visitors have in mind. Although textual content dominates many websites’ blogs, eSports fans love video content. Videos are engaging, entertaining, and easier to consume—at least in the gaming community. You don’t need an eSports SEO consultant to tell you this. But include your keywords in your content. Include them in your titles, sub-titles, image text files, and your URL links.

Technical SEO

For many website owners, technical SEO is a hard nut to crack. That’s alright. You can always hire an SEO eSports consultant or agency to handle this part of SEO. Technical SEO involves practices like indexing your website to Google.It also involves linking your website pages properly. This makes it easier for Google to crawl your website. It also improves the user experience because they can refer to different pages for content. Other aspects of technical SEO include optimizing your website for mobile support and ensuring it’s secure. Additionally, it aims at improving a website’s loading speed.

Link Building

Google loves authoritative websites. And the way Google determines if your site is authoritative is by looking at the number of websites linking their content to your content. Now, not all links are created equal. Google wants you to get links from relevant websites in your niche—the eSports community. How do you get other websites to give you links? You can guest post on other websites in exchange for links. You can also create informative content that will attract natural links. You could also create a helpful tool that will create buzz and earn you backlinks.

Need Help with eSports SEO Marketing?

Esports SEO marketing is an excellent way to grow your eSports business. It can create visibility for your website; grow your monthly website visitors and your overall sales.If you need help with SEO, reach out to us here at Bet Exposure. We are a data-driven eSports SEO agency. We care about your growth, so we promise to work closely with you to ensure you achieve your website’s SEO goals.