Poker SEO Consulting: How to Scale Your Poker Website

You probably know that SEO is an excellent way to market your poker website. You may have even tried optimizing your website for SEO. Maybe it worked a little bit. But you didn’t get the exact results you wanted. You can benefit a lot from poker SEO consulting. A consultant can help you discover why your website is struggling to rank on Google. They can let you know what your successful competitors are doing. More importantly, a poker SEO expert can elevate your website from zero to tens of thousands of website visitors per month.

Choosing a Poker SEO Agency: Why is it Important?

Poker SEO is not the only way to acquire customers for a poker website. You can pay for advertising, partner with influencers, or launch an affiliate program. So, why should you spend money on poker SEO consulting?

Get Discovered by Poker Players

As a poker website, your number one goal should be to create awareness about your platform. Consulting with a poker SEO expert can help you know what to do to achieve more visibility for your website. Poker SEO aims at helping you rank higher on search engines like Google. When you’re the first website that appears for a key phrase like “Best poker for rake backs,” you get exposure to the thousands of people searching for the term.

Increase Website Traffic

Ranking on the first page of Google can attract a lot of traffic to your website. Picture this. If you optimize your website to rank for a keyword with 50,000 monthly searches, you can attract up to 15,000 of these people. Here’s why. The first website on Google attracts an average of 32% of all traffic on the search engine. Now, imagine optimizing your poker website for 100 high-volume keywords. You could multiply your subscription rate tremendously.

Tenfold your Profits

One of the most mentioned benefits of hiring poker SEO experts is that they can help you tenfold your website’s profits. Increasing profits is directly related to an increase in the amount of website traffic generated by SEO. When you have more people viewing your website on search engines, they are likely to visit your website. And if they like what they see, they can become your customers. Now, SEO alone may not help you magnify sales. You also need great content that informs and gives website visitors results to play real money poker on your website.

Build Authority

Another reason to seek out poker SEO consultancy is to help build authority for your website. Authority helps Google determine which websites to rank on its first page. SEO firm Moz created the first tool for gauging a website’s authority. It is a point-based system that ranges from 0-100. Authoritative websites usually get the most traffic. They also tend to rank for the most competitive keywords. Of course, ranking for competitive keywords can magnify your traffic and sales. Also, it can increase your market share in the virtual poker business.

Attract a Positive Customer Experience

All the time your SEO poker consultant invests in generating quality content for your website doesn’t just in growing traffic. It also improves your website visitors’ experience. For starters, great SEO content is detailed, factual, and informative. It also answers search intent—the questions your visitors ask Google before discovering your website. In many cases, content SEO for poker also includes visuals like images, infographics, and videos, all of which lead to a great customer experience.

SEO for Poker Websites: How to Find the Best Consultants

Now that you know why SEO for poker websites matters, let’s take a look at how you can find the right SEO poker consultant for your website:

Assess an Agency’s Past Performance

Anyone can claim to be a poker SEO expert. However, only performance can show you who’s really good at SEO for poker and who’s not. There are several ways to gauge the performance of a consultant. For starters, check the consultant’s portfolio. Find out which poker website the expert has worked with before and check the results they achieved. Another way is to read testimonials from people who operate successful poker websites and had SEO projects done by this company. If a company doesn’t provide any proof of past performance in the poker SEO field, you can’t be certain whether they will deliver results or not.

Ask About Experience in Providing Poker SEO

Poker SEO is different from eCommerce or SAAS SEO. For your website to grow, work with poker SEO consultants that have rich experience in the iGaming space. Schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to ask SEO companies for poker websites about their experience in the business. Find out how long the agency has been providing SEO. Ask how the poker experts get results for poker websites and how long it takes. How the experts answer your questions can tell you whether they’re really good at it or they’re inexperienced.

Contact the Agency’s Customers for Reviews

Go beyond reading the testimonials posted on an agency’s website. Contact these customers to ask more questions. The reason for doing this is to be certain that you’re choosing the right poker SEO consulting agency. This process can help you gain more trust in a consultant. Or it could help you avoid making a huge mistake. Ask questions about how long it took for the customers to get results and the communication experience with the agency.

Choose an Agency that Can Meet your SEO Goals

Discuss your goals with a potential agency beforehand. Ask them if they can meet these objectives. Ensure the consultant uses white hat SEO for poker websites to achieve results and not black hat SEO. To expound more, be clear about what you’re looking for in an SEO poker consultant. Do you want to rank on Google’s first page for 10 high-volume keywords? Are you looking for five new on-page content pieces? Talk about your SEO goals and find out if the agency can deliver. Close a deal only after you’re satisfied the agency can help you achieve your goals.

3 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Poker SEO Consultant

Everyone makes mistakes, even the best poker website managers. To avoid burning your budget, avoid these errors when hiring a poker SEO consultancy company:

Picking a Black Hat SEO Agency

Black hat SEO agencies use illegal and dodgy techniques in generating website traffic. Nearly all search engines, including Google, prohibit black hat SEO. So, by partnering with a black-hat SEO company, you’re risking a penalty. A penalty by Google or any search engine can have devastating consequences. For starters, Google stops crawling your website and ranking your content. This can lower your web traffic from thousands of visitors per month to zero. With no traffic coming to your website, your subscription rate will reduce and your profits may turn into losses. Another problem is you may never recover from a Google penalty, essentially killing your business. So, what’s the best option? Use white hat SEO for poker websites. White hat agencies use allowed SEO techniques to increase web traffic, build authority and increase sales.

Choosing the Cheapest Agency Available

Every poker website wants to save money in marketing. However, it can be a mistake to pick the cheapest poker SEO consulting firm you find. The fact is cheap is expensive. Cheap SEO companies use cheap means to get results. This means they may not meet your goals. Or, they might result in black hat SEO tactics. In the end, you may lose money and fail to get results. Alternatively, you could attract a penalty from Google.

Trusting “Best SEO” Lists

We know—reviews matter when choosing SEO companies for poker sites. But listicles that rank SEO companies aren’t always accurate. What’s more, they may not help you find the best consultant. An agency that specializes in eCommerce SEO may top the list. But the consultant that could truly help you grow your poker website is not ranked.

Work with Us

Are you doing your poker SEO wrong? Talk to us here at Bet Exposure. We’ll provide a comprehensive audit of your website and send a report showing you whether you’re doing SEO right or wrong. If you need assistance in growing your poker website, we’ll work with you at every step of the journey. We’ll provide consulting services. We can help you create on-page content or take care of all your poker SEO needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find a Poker SEO Consultant?

Learn what an SEO poker consultant does. Look for important skills such as knowledge of poker SEO, great performance in the past, and stellar reviews by past or present customers.

How Much Does a Poker SEO Consultant Charge?

Every poker SEO project is unique. As such, charges differ depending on the consultant you choose and the type of project you have. Shop around to gauge prices so that you can budget accordingly.

What Should I Look for in a Poker SEO Consulting Agency?

Find an agency with great experience in handling poker SEO. Look at the company’s track record, testimonials, and case studies. Importantly, pick a company that demonstrates it can meet your SEO goals.