Choosing a Backlink Generation Agency: 8 Things to Consider

If you’re backlink generation strategy isn’t helping you get more traffic, you’re doing it wrong. Links are one of the top three factors Google checks before ranking a website. To be clear, Google doesn’t just rank a website because it has a lot of links. The search engine prioritizes quality over quantity. Think of editorial links from an authoritative website in your niche over links placed in the comment section of a Facebook post. In this guide, we’ll take you through 10 of the best backlink generation techniques that work. Let’s get started.

Guest Blogging

By far, the most popular backlink generation strategy involves guest blogging. It is easy to see why. Guest blogging means posting an insightful article on another person’s website in exchange for a backlink. Emphasis is on the word insightful. Every website wants quality content on its site. But preparing quality content is not only time-consuming but it’s also a rare skill. Owing to that backdrop, a lot of websites welcome guest posting ideas from proficient bloggers. In fact, they are willing to give you a backlink if your content is well-done and suits their audience.

How do you get started with guest blogging


  • Use Google
  • Audit your competitors’ backlink profile
  • Use a content tool
  • Audit an influencer’s website

Google is the best tool for finding guest blogging opportunities. All you need is to use keywords like “Guest post” or “Guest Author” to find websites that accept guest posts. Of course, you also want to add a keyword related to your niche website to narrow down the results. Besides Google, you can use an SEO tool to audit your competitor’s link profile. Which sites do they acquire links from? Then you can contact the websites for guest blogging opportunities. Another great idea is to monitor authoritative figures in your industry. Let’s say you have a drop shipping website. Find out where the big guys in drop shipping publish their guest posts. Pitch your ideas to the same platforms.

Create a Round-up List of Important Stats

You may have heard this. Backlink generation works only if you have content people want to link to. That’s true. You need quality content to attract links—content like stats or an original study. Conducting a study may not be within your budget. However, you can easily create a round-up list of important statistics in your industry. With this list, you stand a better chance of ranking on Google. For starters, you can contact news websites to inform them about your stats guide. If your stats revolve around a newsworthy topic, they are likely to link to the page. Secondly, you need to optimize the page to rank higher on Google. No one will link to your detailed stats round-up list if it’s hidden on the fourth page of search engines.

Provide a Free Tool

Publishing quality content for backlink generation is great. But guess what? A free online tool is a better idea. Picture this. All of your competitors publish content on their websites. But few of them have free tools for their customers. When you have a tool people can use to solve a particular problem, they will not just use it. They will tell the world about it. What’s more, they may create content about your free program and even link their content to your tool. Needless to say, you can generate web traffic faster if you offer your audience a valuable online tool. It could be a tax calculator if you’re a tax-filing company. You could give out a photo editing tool or a free plugin to new website owners.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links serve no purpose to a website. Yet, far too many website owners do little to fix broken links. That’s alright, though. You can volunteer to help websites fix their broken links by asking them to link to similar content on your website. You’ll need an SEO tool like Ahrefs to audit a website for broken links. Next, audit authoritative websites in your niche. This way, they are likely to have a lot of content related to what you publish. After that, establish a relationship by complimenting their content for the value it added to you as a fan. While in the process, bring up the broken links you discovered and ask them if they can link back to your website.

Create Better Content

A lot of websites with more links than your websites don’t even publish quality content. They may have a shallow article on a popular topic. Yet, they have lots of links. Good news: you can create better content for the sole purpose of backlink generation. Start by auditing your competitors’ links. As mentioned, you don’t need to undertake this process manually. Use Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, or your favorite SEO tools to audit a few of your competitors’ websites for links. Find out their most linked articles and pages. Can you offer better content? Of course, you can. You want to crush the competition, after all. Publish a longer post on the topic. Include infographics, images, and videos. Create content no one can dispute in terms of quality. Then contact websites that linked their websites to the inferior content to let them know about your superior content. Ask them to replace your competitors’ links for yours in a nice, professional way.

Leverage your Business Network

Do you have friends who work as marketers, bloggers, or social media influencers? Reach out to them and tell them you’re building links for your website. Ask them whether they can help you build links for your website. To sweeten the deal, offer something valuable. You could offer to guest post on a friend’s website in exchange for a link. What’s more, you can offer to give out a link for every friend who also links their content to your website. In other words, leverage your network for collaboration opportunities. Show people the value you provide through your website and some of them will likely reciprocate with a backlink.

Ask Influencers to Review your Product

If you sell products or offer services on your website, reach out to influencers in the industry. Ask them to review your product. Let’s say you sell a video editing tool. Send the tool to a dozen product review websites in your industry. Let them review the tool. Many of them will also include a link pointing to your website or tool. Regarding the reviews, be prepared for both positive and negative feedback. Improve the product and chances are you will continue to get more backlinks.

Leverage Online PR

Online PR is a means to build a positive brand through Internet means. For example, you can publish and distribute a press release announcing a new product in your company. If it’s a unique product, a few news websites may publish your press release and even give you a link. Another PR move is to partner with influencers and run adverts in the name of creating awareness about your business. Regarding the reviews, be prepared for both positive and negative feedback. Improve the product and chances are you will continue to get more backlinks.

Ego Bait Backlink Generation

One of the most unique ways to generate backlinks for your website is to stroke people’s egos. Not just anyone’s ego—stroke the egos of authoritative website owners, and social media influencers. Create a post in appreciation of an influencer who creates amazing content in your niche. Or, interview a famous social media influencer. Then contact these people and ask them to share your content or even link it to their websites.

Participate in Forums and Social media Groups

There’s always confusion as to whether links generated from forums and social media posts are worth it. Truth be told, Google doesn’t rank these links at the top of its list. Still, links from a forum like Quora or a popular Facebook group may have some value for your website. Think of the added traffic to your content. What’s more, the content you share on forums can help you network and establish your brands.

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