How to Increase Traffic to a Betting Website?

If you struggle to grow traffic on your betting website, you’re not alone. Accelerating traffic growth is one of the most challenging aspects of running an online business.In the past, all you needed to accrue traffic was to write content stuffed with keywords about online betting. These days, keyword stuffing can get you penalized by Google.

If you want to attract more people to your site, use some of the following strategies:

Start a Blog

When you think about it, some of the best-rated betting sites online all have blogs. They use these blogs to publish betting related content. Blogging helps attract quality leads for your business. You see, most potential bettors go through a “journey” before they play their first real money slot or bet on football. They start by learning how betting works. Next, they learn about the best sportsbooks and tips to use to win money. Use your blog to take potential customers through their betting journeys. Build trust with potential bettors by teaching them how to bet safely. Help them create budgets and answer their questions about the industry. Blogging can help you become an authority in the betting industry. And in doing so, you can increase your website’s traffic significantly.

Hire a Betting SEO Agency

Growing website traffic is difficult when you have to do everything with in-house staff. You need people to maintain the website. Some staff provides customer service while others work as accountants. If you’re a new website, the best way to grow traffic while keeping operational costs down is to hire an agency. More precisely, hire a betting SEO agency—a company that specializes in growing iGaming businesses. A good agency will audit your website to identify areas to improve. Maybe your site isn’t indexed properly. Maybe it takes too long to open web pages. A good gaming SEO consultant can turn around your site’s performance and increase web traffic tenfold.

Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research is one the basic services you get for working with an SEO agency. If you choose to market your business alone, though, ensure you perform keyword research. Keyword research helps you know what bettors are searching for online. It also helps you understand where a majority of gamblers come from, and more valuable information you could leverage to grow traffic. Consider using tools like Ahrefs, Moz and SEMrush to conduct keyword research. These tools generate thousands of relevant keywords in seconds. They show you each keyword’s search volume, and how easy or difficult it is to rank to the keyword.Speaking of which, start by targeting keywords you can rank with ease. You won’t get a lot of traffic. But this is a better strategy than targeting high-volume keywords yet you’re a new site.

The Internet is jam-packed with gambling adverts. There’s a perfect reason. Advertising works. On average, betting sites double their money from each dollar spent in advertising. However, not every advertising campaign is a success. For example, Internet users hate display ads. They use software to block pop-up ads or display all forms of advertising online.Owing to that backdrop, conduct some research on the best ways to advertise online. Consult with an expert to discover what works and what fails to make the best use for your budget.

Start an Affiliate Program

Nowadays, almost every betting website has an affiliate program. That’s because affiliates do all the hard work for you. In turn, you give them a small commission for every new customer they refer to your website. Some websites offer a flat amount, say $20 per every referee who registers an account and completes their first deposit. Some operators offer to split profits. You could share 40% of the profits you earn from customers referred to you. Bottom line: An affiliate program is an excellent idea. Marketers find quality leads and refer them to your betting website. If these customers go ahead and spend money on your sportsbook, there’s no reason you shouldn’t reward the marketers.

Find Backlinks

For Google to rank your betting site on its first page, your website must be truly authoritative. The search engine looks at 200+ indicators to determine how to rank your content. Backlinks are one of these indicators. In fact, Google rates quality links so high that your site will struggle to rank without them. So, how do you get other betting sites to give you backlinks? Start by offering valuable content. Let’s say you publish an insightful post about how to win at poker. This kind of post will attract some backlinks naturally. If this doesn’t work, try guest posts. Approach another website and offer to create a post that’s relevant to their customers in exchange for one or two backlinks. You could also offer to exchange links although more authoritative websites will usually turn down these requests.

Update your Content

Earlier on, we said Google looks at multiple factors before ranking websites. One of the factors is content “freshness.” If you have a detailed casino guide posted five years ago, Google might think it’s outdated. Google prefers to rank fresh detailed content. As such, consider updating old posts. Add information that’s useful today and you will experience a spike in web traffic. Take a look at old posts to find out if links still work. Fix broken links, update the year title, statistics and screenshots.

Build your Brand

Growing website traffic takes more than buying real estate on Google’s result pages. It also requires networking with other industry experts and growing your brand. How do you grow a betting website? Partner with a famous social media influencer and pay them to be your brand ambassador. If you’re a sportsbook, target famous athletes. If you’re a casino, you could partner with an athlete or any other famous person with considerable influence. Another way to grow your brand is to encourage your customers to share website content and games on social media. Also, reach out to YouTube and podcast owners to share your thoughts about the gaming industry. Any effort made to get your site’s name out there can increase traffic.