Free and Low-Cost Online Casino Marketing Ideas That Work

If you run an online casino, you need marketing. You can’t do without it. Good marketing can increase your website’s visibility, trust, credibility and sales. And which casino owner doesn’t want any of these benefits?

Now, as a busy casino executive, you probably don’t have time to research the best online casino marketing ideas. But that’s okay. We have good news for you!

This guide breaks down the best free and low-cost casino marketing ideas every casino marketer should know. Let’s dive in!

Create a Beautiful, Functional Website

Your casino website is like your office. It needs to be beautiful, inviting and functional. Modern graphics can grab your customers’ attention and make them want to view your games and bonuses.

But they won’t stay on your website for long if it lags, takes too long to open or lacks important information. This means you should take time before you launch your website.

Hire a professional website designer to help you create all the important elements of a casino website. The homepage should be simple, well-organized and a good representation of what your casino is all about.

Take a look at your most successful competitors’ websites. Check the layouts, graphics, font and images. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert at web design—this is why you need to hire a seasoned designer.

Start a Blog

Blogging is an excellent way to create awareness about your online casino. It can also help you drive quality traffic to your website and increase the number of people who register new accounts.

Owning a blog can help you capitalize on SEO—Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps websites rank on the top pages of search engines like Google and Bing! This creates more visibility and traffic.

When you think about it, blogging is an effective way to generate emails from your customers: emails you can use for marketing reasons. Another benefit of blogging is that it can help you create content you could repurpose for social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Bottom line: blogging works. All you need is to create informative, SEO-optimized content. This will ensure your content is not just interesting to read. It can also rank high on Google and get your more traffic to your website.

Create an Affiliate Program

More than 80% of online businesses use affiliate marketing for customer acquisition. There’s a perfection explanation. Affiliate marketing delivers results.

For the uninitiated, affiliate marketing involves paying marketers commissions to bring customers to your casino. They do all the hard of finding real money playing customers.

The best part of this casino marketing strategy is that you pay marketers for work done. You’re not splashing money in the hopes a marketer may get you customers. You open your wallet only when they refer a paying customer to your platform.

Besides helping you acquire customers, creating an affiliate program is good for your brand. It provides social proof to new customers who may not be sure whether you’re gambling website is genuine.

Offer Exciting High-RPT Games

Want to grow your numbers fast? Introduce exciting, high-paying games to your online casino. Research comprehensively to discuss the best-rated, top-paying slots and table games.

Provide these games on your website. Then spread the word out there through your blog, social networks and affiliate partners. Casino fans love to play awesome games.

And they’re not hesitant to join gambling websites that providing entertaining games. We know—offering high-paying games means increasing the players’ chances of winning money.

But that’s alright. You want to show your customers you love them enough to provide the best games in the world. This creates loyalty and free marketing for your business.

Use Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

All the best online casinos give out bonuses, loads of them. They welcome new players with no deposit offers. And they give out more rewards to those who deposit money.

The honeymoon doesn’t end there. Many gambling websites have promotions specially tailored for loyal customers: cashback, loyalty programs, VIP gifts and daily competitions, to name a few.

So, why are bonuses such affective online casino marketing tools? They help build trust. New customers may not trust your business. But a little incentive like 10 free spins can help them verify that your site is genuine.

Secondly, people love free stuff. It’s a natural thing for us human beings. When it’s a bonus that could improve a player’s bankroll and potential profits—it’s even more enticing.

Won’t bonuses take away your profits? Yes and no. If a player claims a bonus and uses it to win money, it might feel like a loss to your casino business. But keep this in mind. You can set bonus terms.

For example, you can create wager requirements, withdrawal limits, validity time and game weighting. Provide fair bonus terms to ensure your customers will love your promotions. Still, the policies can protect your business from unnecessary losses and bonus abusers.

Casino Advertising

Advertising provides exposure to your online casino. And it can get people interested in joining your platform. The only catch is that you must pay for exposure and the traffic sent to your website.

The beauty of casino advertising is that it can lead to quick results. It can also be customized—you can pay for a certain number of people to click your adverts. Or you can pay for your advert to be displayed in front of a specific audience.

Is casino advertising expensive? The short answer is that it depends. Some operators spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on advertising. On the other hand, some companies use advertising to supplement other marketing techniques.

In other words, casino advertising does not have to be expensive. Set a budget and decide your preferred advertising channels: PPC, social media or influencers. Then complement your paid adverts with other free marketing methods.

Social Media Marketing

More than two billion people use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You don’t need to be a wizard to figure this out—social media marketing is a must-do for your online casino website.

Your customers probably spend more time on Facebook than they spend playing slots on your website. By creating a presence on social media, you’re getting closer to them.

Social media gives you a platform to remind your customers about your business. You can talk about your thrilling slots. You can remind them about your weekly reload bonuses, your live casino and low betting limits.

Casino Marketing: Tips for Successful Marketing

Casino marketing ideas are great. Knowing how to use them to achieve success is more important. Follow these tips to ensure you actually run a successful marketing campaign:

Know Your Brand’s Image

Up to 25% of online customers are loyal to brands. People are loyal to brands for different reasons. Know what distinguishes you from your competitors. Do people like your casino because of its games, bonuses or fast payouts?

Can people recognize your brand through its colors, logo and mission statement? How do people describe your business? Why did you open your casino? Know your brand identity and use it to target the right audience.

Know Your Audience

Just as knowing your brand identity is important, so is knowing your audience. Where are your customers located? What do they ask for the most from you? What are their pain points?

Knowing your audience can help you target your marketing efforts accordingly. Let’s say most of your customers are located in the UK. You can advertise in the UK.

If they spend a lot of time on social media, you can narrow down your advertising campaign to target social media users in the UK.

Use Tools for Research and Analytics

Digital markets have a plethora of tools at their fingertips. They have marketing research tools, content creation software, competitor analyses apps and data analytics platforms.

Use these tools to research the online casino niche. Discover the best keywords for your content marketing strategy. Use SEO tools to acquire backlinks, and to track the results of your efforts.

Using tools is the best way to ensure you maximize your budget. You won’t be marketing blindly. You’ll know why you’re spending money on social media and not Google ads. You’ll also have a way to check whether your strategies work.

Work with Casino Marketing Specialists

Marketing is a job best done by specialists. You may be a good manager. But you probably don’t know anything about blogging, SEO or email marketing. Hiring casino marketing specialists ensures you fast track your website’s growth without compromising other aspects of your business.

Yes, you can also hire an in-house team to help with marketing. But it may take a lot of time finding the right people and managing them. It could also be more expensive than working with third-party casino marketing experts.

Need Help with marketing for Casinos?

Let’s face it. Marketing is essential for online casinos. But it’s hard. Between advertising, SEO and working with influencers—promoting a gambling website can be feel like a nightmare.

But don’t worry. We have your back here at Bet Exposure. As a digital marketing agency for casinos, we can help you increase visibility, traffic and growth for your gambling website.